“I was impressed that Mrs. Dean prayed for me in all of our sessions.  I love how she used the Bible to help me. - Counselee

“Ellen quickly picked up on the problem and we are working on a solution strategy with her.” - Counselee

“After meeting with Ellen, I know this is the person God wants my husband and me to talk to. Ellen is a gifted therapist.” - Counselee

“I really sensed the presence of Christ in her office. The Lord used her to help me see things more clearly.” - Counselee

“Ellen’s manner and attitude were very helpful and uplifting to me; direct, to the heart of the matter, with kind and meaningful words.” - Counselee

“I felt secure and cared for, someone I can trust to be honest and objective.” - Counselee

“Thank you. Thank you for a wonderful weekend. God is using you in a mighty way to strengthen marriages.” - Retreat Participant

“This retreat was tremendously helpful. The insights and spiritual guidelines shared by you were practical, enlightening, and timely.  Even the way the material was delivered ministered to my heart, my relationship with God and my wife.” - Seminar Participant

“I can't thank God enough for placing me in this place for this incredible growing experience. Thank you very much for allowing God to speak through you and sharing your time and lives with us. You both have made an eternal investment in my life." - Conference Participant

“I've had few experiences before that were this valuable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” - Conference Participant