Jeremy Lelek, Ph.D., LPC-S

President, Association of Biblical Counselors

As someone who has served as a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 15 years, I am elated to see the publication of Ellen Dean’s Marriage Trust BuildersOur discipline desperately needs a robust, wise, and biblical resource to help guide couples through the often arduous, confusing, and complex issue of marital restoration when the covenant of marriage has been violated by infidelity, and this book unquestionably meets that need. The thoughtful process she outlines in this book is truly a gift to counselors, pastors, and the couples they serve!

Dr. Jeff Warren

Senior Pastor-Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas TX

As a pastor, I have seen the sacred trust of couples broken in more marriages than I can count. Many times I’ve sought to help couples through a devastating breach of trust, only to struggle to find the pathway to healing. Finally, Ellen Dean has produced a resource that will provide the guidance many of us have been seeking. Not only does she bring a deep biblical understanding of what it takes to see the redemptive work of God when trust is broken, she also provides a clear pathway toward healing and restoration. I know of no other resource like this. Thank you, Ellen, for this great gift to us all!

Jack Graham

Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas TX

I am so grateful for this much needed guide that addresses this most painful of issues. Whether you are seeking to rebuild your marriage, doubting whether trust can be re-established or, like me, want to help couples who bring these painful stories my way, Marriage Trust Buildersprovides a biblical and realistic path for restoration and hope. I highly recommend it.